Friday, September 2, 2011

Jen and Joe's Amazing and Glamorous Wedding

WOW!!!! Those are the only three letters I can use to describe Jen and Joe's wedding. Wow to amazing family and friends... Wow to the extraordinary team of vendors who made this day possible... And Wow to Joe and Jen!!! Congratulations Joe and Jen thank you for being so special and making this day amazing. Most of all thank you for trusting me to coordinate the biggest day of your life!

To the all star team who made this day possible, you guys ROCK! 
  • Panacea: Flowers and linens
  • Trumpetvine: Catering
  • Kramer: Lights and DJ
  • Cakery: Cake
  • All About Table Tops: Rentals
  • Mike Larson Inc.: Sophie the amazing photographer! (thanks for sharing)
  • Allison O'Hagan Events: Day-of-coordination (a special thanks to my assistant Danielle)
  • Bagpiper: Piper Bill


  1. Where can you buy the robes she has for herself and the bridesmaids??

  2. You have the best sense of style and taste! I love this blog! I want to be a guest at any and all of these events!

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  3. Love the chandelier in the beautiful the rustic and the glam, such an amazing trend for weddings, from dresses to invitations, combining materials or deco elements contrasting and bringing the essence of each theme. Yes, would also love to know if you please share where to get the monogrammed satin robes for the girls. They are lovely.